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Discover the advantages of the new diesel-electrical refrigeration.

In order to maintain a competitive position and answer to the customers’ expectations and preoccupations about climatic changes, today’s businesses continually try to enhance their performances and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

In the controlled temperature transportation industry, the last invention to answer these preoccupations is the diesel-electrical hybrid refrigeration technology.

Traditional technology vs hybrid

For the past several years, manufacturers of refrigeration units have produced machines with diesel engine and an auxiliary electrical motor in option for the refrigeration when vehicles are parked at loading docks. This allows the drivers to maintain a desired temperature without having the diesel engine running.

This traditional method reduces significantly the pollution and fuel cost. When plugged, the electrical motor takes over the diesel engine to make the compressor and the fans run thanks to a system that includes clutch, pulleys and belts.

The new hybrid technology also allows tempering on diesel mode on the road and on electrical mode at the loading docks. However, the difference between the two technologies is major because on a hybrid model, the diesel engine is only linked to a generator, which eliminates the need for a clutch, pulleys and belts system.

All the elements of the system are electrical, including the refrigerating compressor, the heating system and the fans. These elements work independently from each other and are requested only when necessary.

For example, if the weather is very cold and the temperature to maintain in the vehicle is higher, the compressor is not working and requires no energy. Only the heating system will be running, at the opposite of the traditional technology where the whole system would be (running).

Here are the benefits of the hybrid technology:

  • De diesel consuming is reduced because the load is lighter, the engine makes only the generator run and not all the components trough belts, even when it is not required like on a traditional unit.
  • Maintenance costs are significantly reduced because there are fewer parts that require maintenance.
  • The hybrid refrigeration unit is much quieter because there are fewer mechanical components related to belts and pulleys.
  • At the opposite of the traditional technology, heating during cold weather is performed on an electrical mode only so the compressor is not required to run.
  • Since the heating is electrical, the power of the heating does not depend on the outside temperature, which leads to better performance.
  • The performance of the electrical mode has been significantly improved. On traditional units, the electrical engine could reach only 50 to 85% of capacity of refrigeration or heating, comparatively to the diesel mode. On hybrid units on the electrical mode, the capacity is from 95 to 100 % comparatively to the diesel mode.

During winter in Quebec, we must use several heating systems to reach temperatures required to the transportation of fresh products. For this reason, our weather makes the advantages of the new hybrid technology much more important during the cold season.

Ask one of our Leasing Consultants about the new diesel-electrical hybrid refrigeration technology, it could be suitable to your needs.


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